Water Child—an interactive story

This is an interactive story based on the idea of blinry. There is also another German one by c0c0bird.

Once in a while, I post a new piece of the story along with multiple options for continuing it. You can vote and the option with the most upvotes (and the least down votes) will be added to the story. In case two options have an equal number of votes, I use the Riemann Arbitration Normative Dominance Orbit Method [citation needed].

Everything you see here is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (author is @winniehell). The drawings are created by @dasMaichen (you can support her on Patreon). The code is licensed under MIT license.


You wake up. Above you, there is the blue sky without a single cloud. It is very hot and your mouth feels dry. You don't remember where you are or how you got there.

You stand up and look around.

The Beach

You are standing on a beach close to a very calm sea. Not far from you, there are palm trees and it looks like they are the beginning of a jungle. Your surroundings are completely quiet.

You really want to get out of the sun and find some water. The jungle doesn't look too scary to you, so you decide to get closer to it.


Approaching the trees, you can still see no living creature. You can't wait to escape the burning heat and enter the shady jungle. Suddenly, you hear a splashing sound from the ocean.

As fast as you can, you turn around to see where it came from.


The otherwise completely calm sea is slightly rippled at one point. Even though you are not far from it and the water is crystal clear, you can't see what caused it. After the splash, everything turned quiet again.

You return to the sea for a closer look.

Clear Water

Even directly in front of the place where you believe the splash has happened, you can still see nothing under the surface. You reach out into the water and a quick chill touch makes you jump back. After you have calmed down a bit, you stick your hand into the water again but this time you feel nothing.

You shout: “Hello? Is anybody there?”


Of course nobody responds. Didn't you consider that—even if somebody is there—they want to hide from you? You wait a little bit longer but the omnipresent silence doesn't end. You start to feel a little bit dizzy.

You sit down and relax. What could possibly go wrong?


As you expected, nothing goes wrong. Good job. So now you are sitting in the hot sand and relax. How long will you do that? Do you really expect this to change anything? You can try of course...

You wait for anything to happen. Because after so many things not happening, there must eventually be happening anything, right?


Finally something happens. First, the water changes into many different colors. Then it turns black and you loose your consciousness.

You wake up from another splash. With a bad headache you lift your face slowly from the sand. Your torn clothes are soaking wet. Next to you is a wooden bowl filled with a clear liquid and a large leaf with some fruits you have never seen before.

You empty the bowl in one gulp and then have a bite from a fruit.



The fruit tastes sweet but unusual. After drinking, you feel refreshed. When you put back the empty bowl, you notice that it slowly refills itself with the clear liquid. You reach out and touch the liquid with your hand. Where your hand got wet, shimmering sparkles scatter in every direction.

You follow the traces deeper into the jungle.



Close to the beach, the jungle seems to consist only of fruitless palm trees with enough room in between them to walk. A few minutes later, you suddenly meet the traces of something large cutting through the trees from the beach. They lead deeper into the jungle where the trees stand closer to each other, so can't detect what they originate from.



You still feel exhausted, so you take another sip from the water bowl. You feel immediately refreshed but also notice that it doesn't refill anymore.

After following the traces for a while, you see something large between a pile of displanted trees. Getting closer you realize that it is a seriously damaged wodden boat and it looks familiar to you.



You climb up on the outside of the boat. Most planks are damaged and you carefully step on them towards the cabin door. The cabin is unlocked, so you go inside.

You find a complete mess. It seems like almost nothing is where it used to be. There is a chest with open drawers, a small bed, some posters and a painting on the wall, and books on the floor which probably fell out of the hanging locker.



There are some philosophical books and some about clockmaking. There is also a framed picture with broken glass. You pick it up and have a closer look.

The person on the left looks exactly like you and the guy on the right looks familiar. They are standing in front of a boat that could have been the one you are on right now.



The first drawer contains a lamp, a knife, a mirror, matches, and pen and paper. You take the knife with you and decide to return before it gets dark outside to get the lamp.



Just before you climb down the boat, you notice a hill in the distance that you hadn't seen from the jungle. There are no trees on it—only large rocks and some small plants. You decide that this would be a good place to have an overview of this place, climb down the boat and start walking in that direction.

On the way to the hill, …



On your way to the hill, you hear a squeaking sound. Then absolute silence again. You stand still for a moment. A rustling and the same squeak again. You turn around into the direction where it came from and see a creature that looks like a two-headed tapir. Then you notice a monkey in the tree above it… or maybe a large spider because it has eight arms.

The spidermonkey throws what looks like a nut at the tapir which squeaks yet another time. Both creatures abruptly turn around and look at you.